In May, 2015 God began to work in the heart of His people concerning the possibility of merging The Baptist Tabernacle with Twin Oaks Baptist Church. Both Churches sought the will of God and began meeting together weekly. On October 18th, 2015, The Baptist Tabernacle and Twin Oaks Baptist Church merged together. A charter service was held (33 Charter members) we officially became Twin Oaks Baptist Tabernacle. We are a Church that loves people, and desires to reach our community for Christ. Pastor Redden believes having a strong outreach ministry which includes, doorknocking, soulwinning, and bus routes. We desire to bring those in who could not come unless they had transportation provided! We like to stick with the Bible. It is our guide for the days ahead.

Twin Oaks Baptist Tabernacle is an Independent Baptist Church, making its own decisions about staffing, worship, ministry, outreach, and the programs it offers and supports. We are also a Bible believing church, and believe that the King James Bible is the preserved and inspired Word of God.